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Writing the script is a vital part of creating a foundation for your video. The script becomes the voiceover. Shoot a concept that gives us the information we need to write a compelling script.


We will purchase the relevant stock videos license for your video. It is important to make sure we choose right stock footage for the production. Our live action team will spend time to find the relevant footage.


We arrange the studio recording of the voiceover. We hire professionals to record the voiceover for the video. We provide options in term of accent and gender as a part of audition.

Behind The Scene

Script & Screenplay

Every story starts with a script. The more powerful script is the more effective end video gets. We spend time to understand your business, product and specially you so we can create a compelling script which will transform into a stunning voiceover. Our script writers are highly trained to capture minor details about the story.

Animation & Effects

Visuals are the most important part of the video. We try to make your message more appealing with animations and effects. We transform your story into a much dynamic visually appealing screenplay. Our expert animation team uses proper animation techniques to create engaging visuals.

Voiceover & Sound

Audio attracts viewers’ attention and help you to deliver you message in better way. Voiceover connects with people and they can visualize on their own about your company and product. We record your script professionally with proper emphasis on important words to make sure we create enough enthusiasm in them to try your products or services.

Post Production Cleanups

Editing is the most important part of video making. We put extra efforts to make sure everything is aligned properly and we just use enough time to deliver your message. Our post production team is highly trained in adding finishing touches to your video to make it awesome.


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